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The Linux Video and DVD Project

   2001-11-01: Major victory in DVD/DeCSS Case in CA

LiViD is a nifty abbreviation for Linux Video and DVD. The web site is at www.linuxvideo.org and there is a CVS repository at cvs.linuxvideo.org.

The LiViD Project is a collection of video and dvd related sub-projects. The idea is to provide one central location for users to find information and support for video hardware and software. The other major advantage for organizing all the video related projects is the reduction of the amount of duplicated code, and a better collaboration on the design of interfaces.

Our goals are simple - provide a unified development and user resource center for video and dvd related work for Linux.

We are in need of web designers and editors. There is a lot of information about video out there, and we need to fill the site with content. Of course, we are always looking for skilled developers to work on current projects and start new ones. If you want to help or join our team subscribe and post a message to the development list.

Short News

Major victory in DVD/DeCSS Case in CA, Posted by mpav on 2001-11-01
The Appeals Court in California reversed the lower court's previous ruling, and ruled that the posting of source code was upheld by the First Amendment. More information here.

mpeg2dec-0.2.0 released, Posted by walken on 2001-02-16
A new version of the mpeg2dec has been released, with support for field pictures, more speed enhancements, full reentrancy, a cleaner video library API, etc... mpeg2dec is the codec used in oms and a few other project, so lets hope these improvement show up in a next version of oms soon :) (the version released yesterday does not include these improvements)

First Official OMS Release!, Posted by taaz on 2001-02-15
The LiViD team is proud to release the first official version of Open Media System, our OpenSource media and DVD player! This release has been in development for more than a year by many developers from around the world. Download, install, enjoy your DVDs in Linux!

France and Italy - Welcome our new mirror sites, Posted by aeneas on 2001-02-11
Thanks Sam (sam@zoy.org) and Andrea Fanfani (andrea@linux.it) for managing the two new LiViD mirror sites in France (http://www.fr.linuxvideo.org) and in Italy (http://www.it.linuxvideo.org). Welcome!

Author: aeneas